Your Groupon deal is for new clients only. From your first session you have 30 days to use your certificate. Please look below for information regarding the deal that you have purchased. don’t forget that the voucher can also be used at our sister studio: Evolve Classical Pilates in Los Altos, CA.

Deal #1 – 2 Private Sessions: Pilates or Gyrotonic

This deal entitles you to 2 private sessions in Classical PilatesGyrotonic Exercise. Please call the studio 650-593-4366 or email us at to arrange your sessions. This is the ideal way to come into the studio, get personal attention and experience the workout from an experienced associate or certified instructor.

Deal #2 – 2 Private Sessions and 2 Pilates Reformer/Equipment Classes

This deal is for you to attend 2 private sessions and 2 Pilates reformer or equipment classes. Classes will include using the universal reformer, Tower with mat, wunda chair and other equipment as per the teacher. The following classes are available for you to enroll in. This is the perfect class to introduce you to the Classical Pilates Equipment and to the Classical Pilates Method. Please email or call to reserve your space as the classes are limited to 5 people in a class. We will also create a class for you if there are three or more people requesting a class if we have equipment and staff available.

  • Monday 6:30 pm Classical Reformer Fundamentals
  • Tuesday 9:30 am Classical Reformer Fundamentals
  • Wednesday 6:30 PM Classical Reformer Fundamentals
  • Friday 9:30 am Classical Reformer Fundamentals
  • Saturday 10 am Classical Reformer Fundamentals

Deal #3 – 2 Private Sessions & 2 Pilates Mat Classes

This deal entitles you to 2 private sessions in Classical Pilates or Gyrotonic Exercise. Please call the studio 650-593-4366 or email us at to arrange your sessions.

The following classes are open for you to attend: please reserve your space by calling 650-593-4366 or emailing You will not be able to reserve online until you have registered with us for the first time.

  • Monday, 6:30 pm, Basic Mat
  • Tuesday, 11:30 am, Intermediate Mat (if you have done Pilates Mat before!)
  • Wednesday, 10:30 am, Pilates Fundamentals Mat (this class goes at a slow pace)
  • Wednesday, 5:30 pm, Basic Mat
  • Saturday, 11:00 am, Basic Mat/intermediate
  • Sunday, 9:00 am, Basic Mat
  • Sunday, 11:00 am, Basic/Intermediate Mat